We Declare His Praise By Faith
In His Name and for His Glory

Many years ago a man named Clarence Jones had a pastor who said that this new technology of radio could be an awesome way to reach many people for Jesus.  Clarence ran with that and built a shortwave radio station that literally reached around the world.  Meanwhile, along came AM radio, then FM radio.  Then along came Chuck Smith, founder of the Calvary Chapel Movement.  One of his stronger visions for reaching the lost was…radio.


Today, radio in general is still popular, but with the advent of the Internet, more and more people are turning to streaming.  That, along with the fact that radio frequencies in the U.S. are not as readily available as in the past, means that operating an internet radio station is becoming an advantageous alternative, especially since it is available to anyone, anywhere, at a surprisingly reasonable cost.


But most people don’t know anything about running a radio station, and therefore may feel intimidated by what they perceive as the complexities and expenses involved.  Most pastors who would like to have radio as part of their ministry also do not have time or money to invest, or servants to help.  But that need not be a deterrent to anyone with a heart for radio.


Enter the We Declare His Praise by Faith radio ministry.  WDHP.faith delivers a streaming radio station computer that is plug-and-play.  It is programmed so the local church or ministry can basically plug it in and press “play” to be streaming the Word of God within just a short time of receiving it.  The end user can supply his own computer according to WDHP.faith specs, or we can supply the computer and necessary peripherals.


The “broadcast computer” is initially set up using two or three production services where a good variety of teachers are hosted, more than enough to fill the schedule, and all at no charge.  Choosing and changing the lineup is easy with just the included services.  Additionally, there are many good teachers who use other services and they can also be easily added to the schedule as the pastor desires.


In fact, even the pastor’s own teachings can be added, recorded or live. The initial training uses installing his teaching files to actually go through the entire process of adding an element to the lineup.  


The computer is usually delivered in person, and the tech also trains the pastor or servant on its use and on basic general radio broadcasting.  Follow-up support means the user is not left abandoned and alone, but can get help and advice any time by remote connection.  We also supply some voiced transition elements such as IDs, liners, and very generic PSAs, just to get the station started.


It should be noted that these same services are available for “terrestrial” radio stations as well.  And even if you don’t have a radio station right now, if you do get one later, this means your broadcast content is already running.


All this is done on a love offering basis.  WDHP.faith is not a formal non-profit nor a formal for-profit organization, but really just a servant of The LORD answering a call, keeping busy in retirement, and to be honest having quite a lot of fun in the process.


Once this setup has been delivered and installed, you can spend as much or as little time and money as you feel called, because The LORD will use every bit to His glory!


To hear the WDHP.faith radio stream, just click on the radio at the top.